XXXIII Rievocazione Storica di Cormons

Event Days

August 24/25 2019 Cormons

The Re-enactment is dedicated to the history of our lands, when in 1518 with the Emperor Maximilian I began the 500 years of belonging of the city to the Habsburg Empire and the Central European tradition. Maximilian was a multifaceted character, lover of art, music and literature, but also of hunting, military art and tournaments. He played 64 tournaments, earning the title of the Last of the Knights, and that's why the historical re-enactment of Cormòns focuses on an equestrian tournament. Lived between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Maximilian I experienced the transition from white weapons to firearms, and his famous Lanzichenecchi Army replaced spears and swords with the first cannons and muskets. In Cormòns the Emperor is remembered for his battles against the Venetians who had put the city on fire, and for his Edict of 1518 (still preserved in the Town Hall) that exempted the citizens of Cormons from taxes for six years so they could recover from the miseries that the war had brought.